Different perspectives

22 May
We tend to walk around with the same perspective on our environment – we look up and down maybe 15 degrees and only absorb what we are familiar with so we tend not to actually see that much. I was in London a few years ago when Antony Gormley (of the Angel of the North fame) placed some 30 human sized statues on the top of buildings around Charring Cross. This very simple but challenging set of installations got lots of people looking at the tops of the buildings and the architecture that’s up there. It’s quite amazing but most people don’t look up!!
I have tended to focus on birds and butterfly’s and found I needed to look for one or the other when I am out – it’s hard to keep shifting the distance you are looking at on a regular basis (at least for me).
Having seen lots of Masonry Bees in the garden building their extended colony of single burrows I decided this summer was the time to find out more (story for a later date) so bought a macro lens for my camera – one where you get very detailed photo’s of small things.
When you start to explore the small world that exists all around us, nature reveals incredible complexity and beauty and colours (see photo’s – except for the colour bit!). One picture is of the centre of a cornflower, one of a Shield Bug emerging from a dandelion and a 7 mm fly – just look at the details on its feet.
So here’s a challenge…. get something from your garden – a flower or leaf or insect or even a slug – and draw it!! The action of drawing will make you LOOK at the flower etc in great detail and while the results may not win a prize, the process of discovery is such a joy. If anyone does this please let me know.
Finally – June 23rd (Euro referendum day) Wild Sherston talks. Starting at 7.30pm we have a couple of talks arranged – The 100 birds of Sherston by Wiltshire Ornithological Society (did you know there are 100 species of birds around the village) and a talk from Butterfly Conservation on our local butterfly’s and moths. There will also be an update by the Bristol Avon River Trust on the on-going work around the village to improve the river…. and it’s free!!

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