Our river of life

5 Jul

Trout on the Cliff - Sherston. Pound coin for size

Trout on the Cliff – Sherston. Pound coin for size

We are so very fortunate in Sherston to have not just one but one and half rivers (if you count the two streams that have a confluence near Stretchline as half…) and they provide so many important elements to our local wildlife. Not only does the river have habitats for animals and plants that depend on water such as crayfish and willows and herons and kingfishers, but the fact that we have a water table which is just below the surface means we have verdant plant growth around us.

Like many ecosystems the river, with the right management, can recover from all kinds of problems such as the major pollution the Sherston Avon suffered from in 1998.

Rivers can be an enormous resource and it’s something we should really look after – while we may enjoy the benefit of a vibrant and healthy river system, the people downstream also appreciate it. Wouldn’t it be great if we had otters around the village!!

and to illustrate how wildlife can re-generate the picture shows a dead trout I found about 20 yards away from the river – and the round thing beneath the fish is a pound coin!! I suspect Heron had caught it and it was so big it couldn’t swallow it (I should have taken it home for tea!)

This year, so far, has been fantastic for nature. The warm late spring and summer has allowed birds to raise large broods and insects to breed at a fantastic rate. While we don’t always appreciate the insects, the birds do. If you happen to go down to Grove Wood you may see large mixed flock of Blue Tits, Long-tailed Tits, Great Tits and even March Tits – what a fantastic sight.

Finally a date for the diary – WildSherston in 2015 will be on the 16th May. Village Hall booked – just a few logistics to sort out now! If you have any ideas or suggestions, or want to help please let me know.


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