The Red-flanked Bluetail – a local destination

6 Mar

I finally succumbed to going on a twitch (sort of). There have been many reports of a rare bird being found not far from here – between Tormarton and Marshfield. An over wintering Red-flanked Bluetail is almost unheard in the UK – almost all the sightings have been in the summer.

Red-flanked Bluetail. Marshfield. 6 March 2014

Red-flanked Bluetail. Marshfield. 6 March 2014

It wasn’t until someone turned up with some mealworms that we could see it. It’s a very long way from home and is unlikely to see any of it’s kind again.

It’s been there for at least 6 weeks (it’s quite amazing it was ever found!!) and some 2,500 people have been to see it so far. When I was there there were only 6 people – all the real twitchers had come and gone long ago – so I still haven’t been an a real twitch – which is fine.


2 Responses to “The Red-flanked Bluetail – a local destination”

  1. Bob Philpott March 7, 2014 at 9:43 am #

    Geoff, I was there this morning when there were also about 6 people present. If we were there together I apologise for not speaking!

  2. sherstonwildlife March 7, 2014 at 9:19 pm #

    Hello Bob, I suspect we were there at the same time!! It’s a bit hard to start make introduction to strangers when everyone is focussed on the bird!!

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