Their new homes are ready (almost)….

2 Mar

March heralds the start of mass migrations both to the village, with birds returning from Africa and southern Europe, and winter residents returning to Scandinavia.

The Redwings and Fieldfares are off while we should be hearing the call of the returning Chiff Chaff (named after the sound it makes) and the Blackcap. Interestingly we have Blackcaps who overwinter here and return to more northern climes in the spring and a different population who return from further south so, while we may have them all year round, they aren’t the same individuals you might see on your bird feeder

Some birds are already nesting such as the Stock Dove (which looks a bit like a drab Wood Pigeon) and the Rooks are starting to nest in their lofty colonies next to the Church.

Over the past couple of months a number of people have been busy building nest boxes which are going up in various places around the village. Some have been installed in Grove Wood and the first Barn Owl boxes have been put up. Four House Sparrow nest boxes, built by Sherston Scouts, have been installed around the village to provide communal nesting sites for this declining but much loved resident. Many thanks to Graham Smith and Rod Moyes for building the bigger boxes, and John Lloyd for helping install them and to the Scouts for their hard work.

Rod Moyes putting up the first barn owl box

Rod Moyes putting up the first barn owl box

John Lloyd putting up the first barn owl box

John Lloyd putting up the first barn owl box

We spend some time trying to find old building or barns to install the Barn Owl boxes and it became really clear why we have so few Owls these days – they have nowhere to nest. If you do know of an out of the way old building at least 3 metres high where we could put another Barn Owl box please do let me know.

Please have a look at the news about WildSherston on the 16th to 18th May with a range of talks, walks and events about our local wildlife.

Spring is in the air… isn’t this a fantastic time of year!!!

PS. This made the local paper – on Page 3!! –


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