Swap screen time for wild time

8 Nov

The recent release of the film Project Wild Thing by David Bond  – http://projectwildthing.com deserves to be shown in every home and school (more than once in schools) as it is fun but serious attempt to get children out of the house into the countryside. The downsides of not doing it are reflected the children’s health, behaviour and how they develop as individuals.

When I grew up in Northumberland I was fairly feral – I would be out all day with my friends getting into scrapes and developing a sense of nature and independence as well as lots of exercise.  While we did cause some trouble (like setting fire to a tree) it wasn’t that serious (it was rotten in the middle and we did put it out.. honestly) and the most serious crime that happened was that someone stole the padlock off the local telephone exchange (they didn’t actually go inside)

Confusingly, as a parent, I was always concerned about my children going off but they always came back having had a great time.

Its easy as a parent to over protect our children but we do need to let them have real world adventures not just ones in a screen with virtual friends.

Have a look at the trailer for the film (link above) and try and see it – if it’s not showing anywhere nearby contact the organisation and arrange a local showing – and get children and parents along to see – it may start to make a real difference to their outlook and lives – how important is that.

Have a look – http://projectwildthing.com/film


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