Wild comes to Sherston?

28 Jul
Based on quite a number of conversations with various people in the village there seems to be lots of interest in learning more about the environment around the village. People have a variety of interests such as wild flowers, bees, hedgehogs, the weather, the landscape, foraging, wildlife photography, bats etc.
There is lots of expertise in the village on a number of these subjects as well as in local wildlife/conservation groups such as Butterfly Conservation, the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and Wiltshire Ornithological Society.
The suggestion is to run a 1 day (or maybe 2 day depending on level of interest) in May 2014 where an expert runs a 1 hour session on a topic (bats, wild flowers etc) and then leads a number of walks around the village to identify the local fauna and flora. There could lots of opportunity to get local children involved finding and identify beetles, moths, bugs etc as well as exploring the local countryside.
Overall it’s intended to use local expertise to get local people involved in better understanding our local environment.
If you have any ideas, would like to get involved or want to know more please contact me



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