It’s all happening…

26 Jun
House Martins collecting mud for their nests

House Martins collecting mud for their nests


Linnet on the Cliff

Linnet on the Cliff

Swallow just after it diver in the river

Swallow just after it diver in the river

This time of year is very exciting with many birds, animals and insects breeding and their young starting to appear. Around the village we have lots of Jackdaws nesting in chimneys and under eaves with House Martin chicks almost ready to leave their round mud nests which can be seen on some houses on the High Street. It’s also possible to see them collecting mud to repair their nests in the stream next to Stretchline as well as Swallows diving into the water for a bath. (Swallows are the ones with the red patch – doesn’t quite come out in the Cliffhangers black and white pictures..)
If you take time to sit at the top of the cliff with a pair of binoculars it’s quite amazing what is nesting,flying and crawling around the steep slopes. There are Bullfinches, Tree Sparrows and Linnets (see photo) amongst others as well a good variety of butterfly’s such as the Common Blue, Peacock, Brimstone and Comma’s to name but a few. There are some 15 types of butterfly you may find around the village so with a bit of patience you may spot quite a few just on walks around the village. A number of the species only live as adults for a few weeks but with a bit of background reading (try as a good source) you can plan to see specific species. Lots of moths and other insects are around with some beautiful Damselfly’s along the river in Grove Wood.
There are a couple of birds we are unlikely to see this year as the water level in the pond on the cliff is much lower. Last year we had Coots nesting and up to a year ago there were Little Grebes (or Dabchicks) but there isn’t enough depth of water to attract them to breed this year although there is a Little Egret around which is the first time I have seen one here in the summer.
In July the bird populations will increase as a result of the breeding season with many chicks fledgling and many birds will be starting a second round of nests.

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