Murmerations over Swindon

26 Mar

Leaving Swindon railway station this evening at c.6pm a huge flock of Starlings flew across the sky. A quick drive around the other side of the station resulted in even more being visible – a full blown murmeration of Starlings!! This was far better than the display at Ham Wall on Saturday.

Best place to see the huge flock (maybe a hundred thousand…) was in the car park at T K Max – but be careful getting out of the car – with so many birds overhead getting ready to roost they will probably get you!! Needless to say the car is a mess!

I suspect it’s the cold weather that has concentrated the flock and once things get a bit warmer – maybe over the weekend – they will disperse back to the countryside or other parts of northern Europe to start to breed

It’s just such a fantastic spectacle…………..say no more.


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