Wild side resolutions – Cliffhanger January 2103

1 Feb
Wild side resolutions
With the new year just starting it’s a great time to think about New Year resolutions. While it’s easy to think of many resolutions for yourself (must get fit, go on a diet, grow more hair etc etc) how about one or two to help local wildlife, and may help you get a bit fitter, such as:
  • Taking your children/grand children out walking (or even just watching your bird feeders) and have a little competition as to how many different birds they can identify. There are lots of easy to use guides from the RSPB and Wiltshire Wildlife Trust – some simple identification cards or guides you can download
  • Ask your local school if they would be interested in Wiltshire Wildlife Trust visiting to run a workshop
  • For adults, how about getting a copy of the Sherston walks guide (available from the Post Office) and walk some of the footpaths. Take your time, ideally with some binoculars, and it’s amazing what you can see – Deer, Foxes, Hare, Kestrels, Little Egrets, Lapwings, Badgers (maybe not at this time of year!), Kingfishers etc
  • Visit some of the great local wildlife reserves – easy to find on the web. Maybe even help out as a volunteer at the Cotswold Water Park
  • Keep your bird feeders topped up and, when it’s freezing, make sure there is water available for the birds.
2012 was a very mixed year for local wildlife primarily due to the very wet late spring, summer and autumn. This resulted in some quite odd sightings such as a young Hedgehog being found wandering around the village in late November. Luckily it was taken in, fed and given to a local wildlife rescue center to keep over the winter and build it’s strength. On a personal note both writing this column together with my blog (sherstonwildlife.wordpress.com) has made me take time to better understand the fantastic wildlife we have almost literally on our doorstep.
Looking forward to 2013 is really exciting. Hopefully the spring and summer will be warmer and drier to encourage all the birds and insects which didn’t thrive in 2012. A number of scarce birds and animals were seen in or around the village including Red Kites and Otters and, with good weather many of the butterflies and insect eating birds will make a great recovery.
If you do see anything of interest please do let me know – geoff_carss@hotmail.com



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