Last of the fledglings?

6 Aug


The breeding season for many birds is coming to and end after a very difficult spring and early summer.
On a walk around the village in the last few days, a number of nests of chicks were about to fledge including Wrens in Grove Wood where young fledglings were calling for the parents to feed them, Swallow nests under the eaves of houses on the High Street with very vocal chicks and Coots on the Sherston Avon at the bottom of the Cliff where the young are bright red and rust brown in colour. For most local birds these are the last fledglings this year.  Some of the breeding birds in England have already migrated with males Cuckoo’s already back in West Africa.
Butterflies are finally around in good numbers after a very difficult start to the year. The Cliff is a particularly interesting area for butterflies as it has steep slopes which are grazed to keep the more rampant grasses short. Consequently there is a good variety of flowering plants, such as vetches, which a number of butterflies need to feed on. Next time you are walking there keep your eye’s out for what’s around. An easy to spot species is the Marbled White (see Photo) and I will be putting a variety of butterfly photos on the Sherston Wildlife blog ( To identify Butterflies have a look at the web site of Butterfly Conservation ( or buy a book such as the Pocket Guide to the Butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland.

Marbled White – Sherston Cliff 2012

I am always keen to take photographs of local wildlife such as deer, slow worms, badgers, interesting plants etc so if you do have regular visitors to your garden (or nearby) please do let me know on
Finally – It’s good to see a number of Hare’s in the fields around the village.



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