We hardy few (well quite a few….)

15 May

Last Sunday morning (13th May) arrived  dark and quite cold for the hardy souls who congregated outside Stretchline on the Luckington Road at 4am. I joined 4 (later 5) village people who were hardy (or daft) enough to hear the dawn chorus break along the Cliff.

After a few minutes of slightly groggy nervous excitement we set off slowly upstream waiting for the birds to start singing. Luckily the sky was fairly clear and a decent moon meant we didn’t need torches.

As expected the Robins started first (the only British bird to sing all year around) followed by quite a noisy chorus of Blackbirds and Song Thrushes. The latter were particularly vocal showing there is a healthy population of these fantastic birds on the edge of the village.

Other birds then started to chime in – some we knew (Blackcaps, Chiffchaffs) and others we had no idea. In spite of my excellent iPhone app – The Birds of Northern Europe – which has all the calls and songs we really just confused ourselves when people thought the song being played on the iPhone was in a bush. In reality we were just going through a list of likely bird songs to see if we could identify the less common ones. Alternatively we could bring along an expert!!

After an hour and half stumbling around the Cliff in the semi dark it was time to return home to warn up and, for some, back to bed.

For those of you that are not early risers the picture below is of the High Street at 5.15am – just see what you missed…

Sherston High Street 5.15am 13th May 2012




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