Down the country lanes you might see a Whitethroat

15 May

The Whitethroats have returned in force from sub-Saharan Africa. These delightful small birds have arrived over the past month or so and live and next in quite dense hedgerows particularly where its quiet and out of the wind.

They can be found in hedgerows around the village and are first identified by their quite melodious but ‘scratchy’ song.

Below are some photographs taken near Pinkney and from the Cotswold Water Park. Nick Holland has a nice photo in an earlier blog taken just outside the village. Most of the time they skulk around the hedges but they do fly up onto telegraph wires and branches to sing their hearts out. Superficially they look like many of the Little Brown Jobs (LBJ’s) but they do have quite a distinctive white throat. There is also a Lesser Whitethroat which occurs around here – don’t know yet how to tell them apart…

If you look carefully you will see one of then has a ring on it’s leg so must have been caught in a Mist Net at some point.

Final comment – if you think these are uncommon think again! There some 930,000 pairs in the UK.

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One Response to “Down the country lanes you might see a Whitethroat”

  1. Dave Chadwick May 17, 2012 at 2:03 pm #

    Heard a few Whitethroats on my run this afternoon but they all stayed hidden in the hedges (too windy?). Also heard and then saw a Corn Bunting in the field just before the quarry on Knockdown Rd – a bird I have been looking out for as I heard they are getting scarcer – song sounds like jangling keys

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