Drought update from Wessex Water

17 Apr

Following my post about the potential impact of the drought on the rivers in the area I emailed Wessex Water as follows:

“I am keen to understand any plans you may have to manage the impact of the drought on the Sherston branch of the Avon in Wiltshire.

Do you have plans to maintain the water levels through pumping etc? and have you carried out any impact assessment of the drought on the river flow?”

I received a prompt response as follows:

“Dear Mr Carss

The flow in the Sherston Avon at Fosseway is currently 260 litres per second, the stream support from the boreholes at Luckington and/or Stanbridge are triggered when the flow drops to 162 litres per second.  If the weather remains dry that we would expect this trigger to be reached towards the end of April or early May.  As flows further down the river continue to drop then the amount of stream support added will progressively increase.


Luke de Vial

Head of Water Resources”

From this response we should expect to see the pumps in Luckington and or Stanbridge starting to pump in the next few weeks to maintain water levels with the volume increasing over time. While this needs to be done there iis one question that comes to mind – What happens in say 4 months when the water table drops?. Is it a possibility that pumping will have to stop?


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