Childrens ” Nature deficit disorder”

5 Apr

The National Trust has recently published a report about how children are losing contact with nature, or even not having ever really developing an appreciation with it when young. When I was young (a few years ago..) growing up in rural Northumberland  I used to go off for the day with my friends messing around. No parents, no worries – just came back home for food and, occasionally, clean clothes.

Society has changed both from concerns about children’s safety and there being so many other things to do – games, TV, facebook etc.

The National Trust report cites evidence showing that:

  • children learn more and behave better when lessons are conducted outdoors
  • symptoms of children diagnosed with ADHD improve when they are exposed to nature
  • children say their happiness depends more on having things to do outdoors more than owning technology.

Yet British parents feel more pressure to provide gadgets for their children than in other European countries

Living in the countryside gives us all great access to the outdoors and Sherston School has been doing some fantastic work in getting children involved with nature from an early age. With the summer coming up it’s a great opportunity to get children out into the countryside and, with some help and support, they can develop their own appreciation of the natural world which may well stay with them for life.

If you want to know more about the National Trust report there is a summary on the BBC web site:


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