The fine weather has brought out our first butterflies

25 Mar

We are enjoying a sustained spell of really beautiful spring weather and this has brought out the butterflies that have been overwintering as adults.

Over Saturday walking back over the fields from Ladyswood I saw three different butterflies: the Brimstone, Peacock and white one.

The Brimstone is often the first butterfly seen each year and is one of the longest lived surviving for around 13 months. There is a popular myth that it is this butterfly which gave us the word butterfly, a corruption of butter-coloured fly.

Often the first butterfly of the year

The Peacock butterfly also hibernates as an adult and when it emerges in spring the females lay some 400 eggs. The picture below illustrates quite a tatty individual with the rear edges of the wings torn.

Overwintered specimen - note the tatty wings

I also saw a white butterfly from a distance – but couldn’t identify which one.

If you are interested in Butterflies have a look at the Butterfly Conservation web site and maybe consider joining!! –

I hope there will be lots of posts on our local butterflies over the summer.


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