Expert guidance makes all the difference

25 Mar

On Saturday 17th March I was fortunate to be joined on a series or walks on Grove Wood by Martin Barber from Hullavington. Martin has an incredible knowledge of native plants and has a particular interest in aberrant forms of plants.

We wanted to know what was growing in Grove Wood and if the coppicing over the past few years had had any effect reflecting in a change of flora in parts that had been cleared.

Grove Wood grows on a north facing steep slope and the underlying rock is limestone making the soil quite alkaline. This effects the flora.

During the 3 hours in the wood martin identified the following plants growing in the wood:

Martin advised that the overall flora was in line with what he was expecting for such an environment and was interested to see which of the highly competitive plants (Dogs Mercury, Bluebell, Lesser Celandine, Brambles etc) start to dominate over the next few years.

By the way Dogs Mercury is strongly associated with land that has had a long continuity of woodland or shrub cover and is highly toxic.

Martin has offered to come back when the Bluebells are in flower – not least because he has a particular interest in odd forms of the plant….. so watch this space for a update in a few weeks.


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