New homes needed

20 Feb

Spring is just around the corner, snowdrops are out, jackdaws are nesting and the work at Grove Wood is coming to an end so it must mean………………. time to clean out the nest boxes and put new ones up.

Please put up a variety of next boxes not just the ones for Blue Tits etc. Our sparrow population seems to be going from strength to strength (try walking down the High Street first thing in the morning and hear the noise they make!) so please put up some open fronted boxes as well.

If you live on the edge of the village, or somewhere more rural, try putting up bigger nest boxes for owls and bats. Another one of my pub theories, and there is evidence to support this for a change, is that many of our larger birds suffer from a shortage of nesting sites especially those that need nesting holes or closed spaces such as owls.

One major implication of providing more nest boxes is that there are more chicks and they, in turn, need more food. So maybe we should think about what we can do to provide food sources for the birds through the summer. As many of them need insects have a think about what you plant in your garden which attracts bees, hover flies and butterfly’s. Did you see the BBC programme about exactly this? If not it’s on BBC iPlayer –

Time is short on this – so get those nest boxes sorted out this weekend or it may be too late for this year.


One Response to “New homes needed”

  1. sherstonwildlife March 25, 2012 at 8:17 pm #

    Someone asked me why it’s important to clean out nest boxes. Bird attract lots of parasites such as fleas and mites and these build up in a nest box during the breeding season. If say a Blue Tit was to have three broods the last brood can really suffer from a variety of blood sucking parasites that can survive over the winter in the cracks in a nest box.

    The main purpose of a spring clean to to kill the nasties..

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